Every choice needs a voice, whether for advertising, E-learning, IVR, Corporate... 
LDV Voices and Choices is first and foremost, 
the voice of Luc de Villars, my voice. 
But it's also a casting director's service to put together a tailor-made team, in French or English, including sound engineers, translators and interpreters, and then make the Choice, for the Voice of your project. 

the I.A voice Subject and what I think about it.  and why I AM BETTER than a freaking speeking electronic toy. 

"How about an artificial intelligence synthesized voice?" 

It's the easy choice, but voice work is a craftsman's job, and synthesized voice is an industrial rendering of a craftsman's job. 
The success of my work with you is important because it offers me exposure, and therefore more clientele. 
That's why I put my heart and soul into every project, unlike an I.A. voice or a company offering that, which isn't at all interested in the success of the project, everything is automatic for them. 

Being a voice also means investing a huge amount of time and money: in equipment, training and practice to become better, an A.I. voice will never be better, only its software and there will always be limitations. 

I can do 1000 variations of the same sentence, an A.I. cannot. 
I can be in direct contact with you to understand your request, an A.I. can't, and the person proposing the A.I. is a salesman or a technician, through a voice-over, so there will never be the understanding that there is between you and me. 

To succeed in the voice business, whether before, now or in the future, requires talent, efficiency, although perhaps even a sense of humor too. 
A.I. doesn't do any of that, and doesn't require talent.



Latest Achievements

I grew up watching horror films and for a kid of the 90's I am now a voice in the game DEAD BY DAYLIGHT, by Behaviour Interactive with the legendaries Monsieur Bruce Campbell and Monsieur Doug Bradley, as long time fan of Evil Dead and Hellraiser, now i'am a part of the family, WHAT A THRILL! 

I am the voice of the survivor Vittorio Toscano.

I am also the French voice of Ciro in Dying Light 2, one of my favorite zombie game since 2015 and the 2nd one ? I LOVE IT and now i'm in it ? ! YES !! 

You may click on the photo and you will be sent on the youtube video according to my  voice work on it.