Le studio

Microphone Aston Spirit

Sound Card  SSL2 +

Logiciel Adobe Audition

Voice recording booth with material for the acoustic treatment. 

The voice recording booth has been built to suit the required acoustic ( no reverb, no boxiness... ) and supported with acoustic foam from the brand EQ acoustics.

Le studio LDV Voices and Choices


Sound quality is our strong priority. Therefore, we have built a studio according to the professional need of the profession :
-recording devices 
- microphones 

Under the supervision of Cédric Soubran from CWS Studio and Audrey Le Meur from ALM Studio.


We address all sizes of productions, LDV covering a large rank of needs.  
The efficiency and result of our work allowed us to work with : 

Netflix : Inside the World's Toughest Prisons
 Farm 51 : World War 3
 Audio Workshop / UBISOFT :Riders Republic
 Manning Media : Flappatron
 Rova Caviar Madagascar
 Diffusion Rec
 Kass Production
 studio G4F  / EA GAMES : Need for Speed Heat
 True Sight Studio : Dark Ages
 VDM STUDIO / Netflix 
 3F Interactive : Reversion
 Ferme Beauregard
 Société Josiane
 Impatient Cow Productions / IBM
 Amazon / Audible
 Lauren Blakely
 Book Buddy Media
 Studio ELIXIR
 Comedy Central / South Park 
 League of Legends 
 Théâtre de l'Union / France 3



Our rates are based on the Global Voice Acting Academy's rates, our personal rates is available on this website. 

Any request for a Dubbing session, please send me a private message. 

As for working with a indie Video game studio, it is possible to come to an arrangement which would be  profitable for you.

Bilingual in English

European smooth natural accent .

Live Session tools

Working on live sessions is possible by using Cleanfeed, Source Connect Now, Zoom or Skype.


If you require a special number of voices for your project, we may have the possibily to organise castings and allow a cooperation with other studios and voice actors, with a full garantee of their services.

Security of your datas and of the entire studio.

The studio is under the protection by the R&AS services, supervision and well caring from their professionnal team.

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