Friends and Voices 

After countless projects with many voice actors, here is, a short list of my peers I can highly recommend for your projects.

Complementary voices

Audrey Le Meur 

Audrey can have her voice going to the style you may ask, firm, smooth, funny, sad, serious with such facility and with she is the meaning of professionalism.

Maddison Mitts

A young blood in the voice acting world but yet, after ONE job with her, just one, I knew she is a killer queen in terms of voice acting ! Her job on Burnhouse Lane is Outstanding and I took the risk of handling her the voice direction and casting direction for the trailer of the huge project Spark Riders 3000.  The result ? Probably one of the best trailer i've seen and heard. 

Sometimes you can have better than the best.  She is that person ! 

Pierre Maubouché

Pierre Maubouché, is by one of the veterans when it the voice work, either French or English. 
Active for almost 3 decades now he has been working with the best, and for the biggest clients on the planet, or even on one of the most important video game of the 90's generation, Metal Gear Solid.

Dave Fennoy

Dave Fennoy is one of the greatest voice you can hope for , for many decades . 
He  has brought the world of video games to tears with his interpretation of Lee Everett in the TellTale's Walking Dead , among countless of others projects, while beeing one of the best vocal coach and teacher you can find. 

Douchka Hawmmond

DH Voice Artist

Douchka is , before being a voice artist and experienced Soul singer, a heart of gold. Her warm voice and easiness in fulfilling any jobs, regardless, commercial, E­learning, and acting , either French or English (with a soft European accent) makes Douchka's voice, the choice you want for having, one beautiful European / French voice.

Estelle Hubert

The French Lady with the most popular voice 

over 30 years' experience, working with some of the world's biggest commercial names, and having his voice heard all over the world, while being the Madonna of the voice-over and home studio world, bringing us together, listening to us, guiding us and very often offering us laughter and cocktail advice. 
Get out your surfboard, because with her voice, you'll be making waves! 

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