Hello There, said Kenobi.

What's new and hot ? 

Hey what's up doc ? 
Dubbing, that thing in the core of the Voice acting world. 
Well you know I do the English one, sure but the French one too , but you are not here to hear about French dubbing aren't you ? 

Well my services in terms of dubbing / Voice acting, specially with the brand LDV Voices and Choices, cannot be the same for the English language than for the French one sure. 
one thing. 

As i've mentionned on the Novel that is this chapter on the french version. We have now in the team, someone who did translation / adaptation ( like dialoguist in movies, yes this job exist and is actually extremely important ) 

The language that is written isn't quite the same as the spoken language, and most of the script for games, or animations, well, let's be honest, it's rarely written by a writer, but by the team, are try their best to have something that is inspired by something...that is inspired by something...that is inspired by... yeah you get the idea, UNORIGINAL and boring to listen as gamer and to do as voice actor. 
But this is the good part, we will make sure we keep the original of the script, plus if we will do big re-write you'll be notified of course .  And we will make sure that the way we act and speak, sounds, more realistic, more crude sometimes, more human, and NOT like a A.I who cannot sound original, after all, technology has his limits, not the human creativity. 

So LDV Voices and Choices, it's a team of nec plus ultra crafters of the voice and script,  a whole team of ...Motley Crue members completely nuts and ready to loose their nugget, or to make you weep like a baby. 
We have some killers names in our crew, Dex Manning, Lucas Webley, Mars Lipowski, the almighty MADISONS MITTS . I mean come one, what else do you want ? Ashly Burch or Troy Baker, well if you have the budget but actually, we can even sort this out because we have 2 voices chameleons in our team. But the best is to let the actor sound like how he or she imagine the role, not sounding Like another actor, it's your call . 

That's the work by LDV Voices and Choices. 
We are Humans, We alive, and we are Freaking nutters ! and damn good at our jobs. 

P.S : some of our work has been nominated at the Voice Awards...the BAFTAs Pegases awards...pat pat on my back, so YES you want to work with us !! Don't force me to do some Jedi Mind tricks to contact me A.S.A.P about your project . 

Luc de Villars

Because of my fluent English, I started my career in the surroundings of the English Voice Acting , mainly working for fans projects. Then, I have been embedded in the official Star Wars  fan fiction, and for independent video games. Then I turned pro, and got through the French Voice Acting market, with a broader offer including , Voice over, narration. 
What I decide to do, I achieve it having previously assessed the committed risks and quantity of work and then, I unlock my energy, and remain focus on the target till the end. In my prior dreams, I wanted to belong to the voice acting industry, I made my dream come true. Today, here I am, exactly where I wanted to be!  

Today I am devoted to my studio, and to the ones who took the decision to work with it. My goal is to make LdV a company Pro, cool, committed, related with the best actors of the trade. In other words, a proactive and reliable company.  


Pro and efficient 

I will give you what you need from me, a great service as a Voice over, Casting or Voice Acting.

Studio Audio Quality

LDV studio meets all the standards and technical need of any professional studios.

Software / Adobe audition, Pro Tools, Source Connect Now, Clean Feed, Zoom, Skype 

Voice recording booth with all the treatments for the best sound quality. 

Create a connexion between you and our services.

We will make sure you will be aware of all the importance of the sound for the voice, depending on what project it is, E learning, institutionnal , commercial or Voice acting.

You can find more of my work as a voice acting on the video game productions such as: Flappatron, Reversion Chapter 3, World War 3, Desolate, Need for Speed Heat, Dark Age, Pendle Hill.

Rapid respond

Your project back at you from 12/48 hours.

The + of choosing LDV Voices and choice for the Voice work on video games.

- Voice work , English / French

- fast reponse : 12/48 Hours 

Possibility to ask me to assemble a team for a project with multiple voices. 

No matter what is the language you need. 
My fees are : 
500e for a full day as a Casting Director
200e for  half a day. 

Am I a good casting director ? Well, some projects have gotten an award for best narration ( Jivana, Siren Rex Maria, Erune, Embers of Hope ... ) There is your answer. 

Nos services / What we do 

We are proposing one or many voices for your project, whether it be voice acting or voice over. 

First round of discussion and make a quotation.

On the first contact we listen to your brief and figure out what the artistic context could be : tune, color, warmth and direction of the voice. Then we make a quotation.


We start the pre-recording in order to submit several sound models to trigger a decision. This can be done within the studio or using Zoom , Source Connect Now or Skype. Ultimately, we proceed to the final recording.

The final touch.

Once the recording is completed, tasks of cleaning and editing are proceeded to provide the final audio clip.  The final cut will be submitted to you, ready for appraisal. Thereby, alongside the making up of the project, you can interfere in order to complete the final cut.

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